Pacific Mariners Yacht Club,  13915 Panay Way, Marina del Rey, CA  90292  (310) 823-9717

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Kent Andersson

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Curt Bersche

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Keith Mott

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Michael Murbarger

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Tony Milazzo

Jr. Staff Commodore
Glen Solomon

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Pacific Mariners Yacht Club, founded in 1963, is one of the few surviving "do it yourself" yacht clubs.  Our lovely facilities, including guest docks, are open to our members and guests most hours of the day and evening. 
Come by and visit us anytime!


Peter Breum

Jack Rackliffe

Patricia Garrett

Cal Troupe

Terry Matchett



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Hasty Arnold

Nick Cecola

Michael Blumenthal




Pacific Mariners
Yacht Club
13915 Panay Way
Marina Del Rey,
California 90292

phone: 310/823-9717
fax: 310/823-4011

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N 33 deg. 58.84 min.

W 118 deg. 27.11 min.

Elevation 21 ft.














12 Reasons To Join Pacific Mariners Yacht Club

  1. GET OUT ON THE WATER: Pacific Mariners Yacht Club activities give you many reasons to get on the water -- which is why we love boats in the first place! Be it our annual Dinghy Raft-up, to spontaneous fishing trips, or day sails with your friends PMYC finds dozens of new ways to hit the Aqua. And of course reciprocal agreements with Yacht Clubs up and down the coast allow you to use their docks, moorings, & facilities all over the West Coast and the world.

  2. CRUISES: Pacific Mariners Yacht Club has a very active cruise schedule. There are at least five PMYC cruises scheduled every season. In addition, PMYC teams up with other Yacht Clubs for a half dozen more. Enjoy the fun of cruising to spectacular locations and creating lifetime memories with Pacific Mariner friends.

  3. RACING: Pacific Mariners Yacht Club sponsors a variety of sailboat racing series. More importantly, membership in the PMYC allows you to participate in races from clubs all over the area. For cruisers or power boaters, there are numerous opportunities to crew on members' sailboats.

  4. FISHING: Pacific Mariners Yacht Club sponsors Kids Slip Fishing Events and local tournements. PMYC has a lot of experienced fishermen and tournement winners.

  5. MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR VIEW: One of the joys of Marina del Rey is its physical beauty, day or night. PMYC has a spectacular view from the Clubhouse and our two outdoor patios. Our casual facility has more than a 180-degree vista.

  6. YACHT CLUBS WORLDWIDE: When traveling for work or pleasure, your PMYC membership card gives you access to Yacht Clubs across the nation and around the world. All you have to do is present your Pacific Mariners Yacht Club Membership card. But beware; most Yacht Clubs are not as casual or as fun as ours!

  7. DO-IT YOURSELF: Pacific Mariners Yacht Club is one of the last true Do-It Yourself clubs in America. Because of that, every member is a vital part of this Club. Besides a Maintenance Crew, we have no paid employees. If the membership doesn't do it, it doesn't get done. Be it setting up for an event, pouring drinks, or planning the next cruise.

  8. FANTASTIC MEALS: We have a fully outfitted professional Galley. You can dine every Friday evening with your friends at PMYC. The Club sponsors high quality, low cost meals that you are sure to enjoy. Of course, PMYC members prepare all meals. We also have great Monday Night dinners throughout the professional football season. There are also three outdoor grills both charcoal and gas.

  9. 24 / 7 / 365: That's right the Pacific Mariners Yacht Club never closes. Well, it closes, but you can open it up anytime you like. The PMYC clubhouse is available to members everyday and all night. As a full member of PMYC, you can pick up ice for your sail to Santa Catalina at 5am or stop in late with your friends for a nightcap. PMYC is truly the Yacht Club that never sleeps.

  10. AMAZINGLY AFFORDABLE: Pacific Mariners Yacht Club is very affordable, but like everything else worth having, it isn't free. Our monthly dues are less than $2.50 a day. Have your morning coffee and read the newspaper on the PMYC deck and you will have saved yourself $3.00!

  11. GREAT SOCIAL CLUB: Ever wonder what to do with an empty weeknight or weekend? The Club will help fill your social calendar. Our two gigantic HDTVs with a full assortment of sports & movies make watching your favorite team or flick an amazing experience. We also have lots of DVDs; a lending library; video games; a pool table; free WiFi Internet access. Bands, dinners, movie nights, potlucks, dances, special events, BBQs, and mixers all with members who enjoy the Yachting lifestyle makes the Pacific Mariners Yacht Club the liveliest Club in Southern California!

  12. MAKE NEW FRIENDS: Perhaps the best reason to join the Pacific Mariners Yacht Club is that it is a great place to meet people who share a love for the water and a passion for yachting. We pride ourselves on being an amazing mix people & personalities. The PMYC Clubhouse is known as one of the friendliest places in Marina del Rey. Come on down & check us out!

PMYC is a member of the:
Association of Santa Monica Bay Yacht Clubs (ASMBYC),
Southern California Yachting Association (SCYA),
United States Sailing Association (USSA)
and is on the:
Register of American Yacht Clubs at the Yachting Clubs of America.


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